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Lumineux Oral Essentials

Chemical and sensitivity-free formula that guarantees white teeth in no-time.

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Lumineux Oral Essentials™ set out to prove that when it comes to oral care, plant and mineral rich formulas can stand up against any leading brand with stellar results.

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Lumineux Oral Essentials are the purveyors of naturally whitening teeth products. Their products were specially formulated by Dr. Koroush Maddahi, a dental practitioner who saw fault in the run of the mill whitening products that were available on the market due to their harsh chemicals and disregard for teeth sensitivity. They currently have an impressive lineup of products which include whitening strips, toothpaste, and an all-natural bamboo toothbrush to bring the whole experience together.

Oral Essentials was struggling with an onslaught of email volume as its internal team was struggling to cope with the exponentially growing customer base. When we onboarded, they had approximately 4,000 emails unattended to. They had originally allocated members of their sales and executive team to answer the support requests but were unable to handle the volume.

Oral Essentials reached out to us via our website to help not only with the backlog of support requests but also to improve overall service levels and customer experience.


With a thorough implementation, Call Center Guys were able to set up a dedicated team of ‘Lumineux Specialists’ to respond to Oral Essentials’ customers. This was done with the help of:

A complete knowledge transfer to ensure CCG agents had a full understanding of brand and product information

A constant channel of communication between CCG’s management team and Oral Essential to provide a smooth transfer of labor

Client involved training and technology walkthrough

Custom-tailored technology to respond to customers inquiries over multiple channels (phone, email, online chat)


Call Center Guys helped Oral Essentials achieve an increased service level with a high degree of efficiency and consistency.