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Crown & Paw

High-quality custom artwork tailored to fun-loving pets and their owners.

Custom ArtworkHouston, TX25-100 Employees


Crown & Paw's mission is to give to man's best friends by using pet in fun, custom medeivel pieces of art!

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Crown & Paw create some of the finest (and funnest) tributes to man’s best friend you can find. They specialize in taking real pets and converting them into works of caricature art based on era-specific icons.

Crown & Paw’s calling is custom artwork for their customers. While this can be very lucrative and appealing to the market, it does require a significant workforce to manage the process of turning a customer’s pet into a beautiful piece worthy of being on top of the mantle.

Using apps like Trello, Gorgias, and Shopify, Crown & Paw had created a well-oiled machine that worked well, save for one key element; a close and intimate back & forth with their customers. The custom process called for many edits and reworks, all of which needed to be communicated with people waiting to see what their artwork would look like at every step of the process.


With a careful and precise implementation, C&P transitioned their customer service operations to CCG with the help of:

  • A complete knowledge transfer to ensure CCG agents had a full understanding of brand and product information

  • A constant channel of communication between CCG’s management team and Crown & Paw to provide a smooth transfer of labor

  • Client involved training and technology walkthrough

  • Custom-tailored technology to respond to customers inquiries over multiple channels (email, online chat, social media)

Call Center Guys were able to bridge the gap swiftly with the use of a dedicated team of agents that could work well in tandem with the Crown & Paw team.


With the help of a thorough implementation and training process, Call Center Guys agents hit the ground running and were able to clear the backlog of customer inquiries within 1 week, and have been ensuring that customers are responded to in a timely fashion ever since.