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Aviator Gear are the creators of custom-crafted squadron gear for active and veteran enthusiasts alike.

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The team at Aviator Gear are the leading authorities in everything that takes to the skies. Their owner, Cory “Trap” Bower was a Lieutenant in the US Airforce and quickly realized there was a gap in the availability of squadron gear. Things like patches, tags, tail flashes, and plaques were difficult to find and all from different vendors.

After wasting countless hours ping ponging between companies he thought to himself, “Man, why doesn’t someone just put all this stuff in one place? It’d make everyone’s life a heck of a lot easier…”

Fast-forward a decade and three more flying assignments and Cory decided he was going to be that someone –– the person that created the place where everyone could go to get exactly what they needed to take care of their squadron.


With a careful and precise implementation, Aviator Gear transitioned their customer service operations to CCG with the help of; A complete knowledge transfer to ensure CCG agents had a full understanding of brand and product information, as well as a constant channel of communication between CCG’s management team and Aviator Gear to provide a smooth transfer of labor.

Aviator Gear and Call Center Guys were also involved in a thorough training process and technology walkthrough to ensure all agents and team members were up to par with Aviator Gears sky-high standards.

Custom-tailored customer service technology was used to kickstart the campaign but also ensure long term success with one of a kind customer experience. Aviator’s main focus was Phone, Email, and Social media support to keep in close contact with their valued customers.

Call Center Guys were able to bridge the gap swiftly with the use of a dedicated team of agents that could work well in tandem with the Aviator Gear team.


Within the first month, Aviator Gear was able to successfully boast a 24/7 customer service team through the help of Call Center Guys, and were able to pivot their focus to growing their business through social media marketing and lead tracking. Till date, calls and social media inquiries have been responded to in a timely and accurate manner.