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Tips For Increasing Traffic Post Black Friday, Cyber Monday

The biggest shopping days of the year are just a few days away! This year, don’t fall into a Black Friday, Cyber Monday slump. Take advantage of the high traffic this holiday season by preparing for the frenzy, and the time in between! Get your promos, programs and holiday collections ready to go to stand out from the crowd, and bring back customers once December rolls around. Here are some ways you can prepare to maximize your sales and increase your traffic during this time!

1. Start or Grow Your Loyalty Program

Black Friday Sale

You may be thinking December is a bit too late to begin a loyalty program but this is actually the perfect time to start! Loyalty programs can help your customers gain rewards the more they shop at your store and collect customer information for remarketing. This will incentivize your customers to return to your store and create long lasting relationships!

Since a lot of shoppers will be visiting your store during the holidays, this is the best time to take the opportunity to grow your loyalty program. Incentivize your customers by giving them sign up points to spend during BFCM, or even shoot them an email as a callback to help them return to your website for more points! This is a great way to drive your traffic during the whole month of December.

2. Turn Cyber Monday Into Cyber Week

Cyber Monday

Black Friday may seem like a bigger deal than Cyber Monday but did you know American shoppers spent $8.9 billion during Black Friday in 2021, but they spent $10.7 billion during Cyber Monday? Don’t underestimate the amount of potential traffic you can receive during Cyber Monday! A great way to take advantage of Cyber Monday is by having a whole week of deals, or even extending it for the whole month of December.

By doing this you can expect…

  1. More traffic throughout the month

  2. More reward points for your customers

  3. More excitement around your business each season for your customers

3. Release A New Collection For December

Holiday Sales

Another great way to create excitement throughout the month is to release your latest collection right after BFCM. Giving your customers discounts during the holidays is great but you’ll want something to grab their attention once your deals are over.

This year, for a lot of businesses Cyber Week will go into December which will help customers shopping for Christmas gifts. You could even offer them a tempting small discount or bounce back coupons on your new collection to increase the traffic. You can design your own bounce back coupons for free with sites like Canva (they even have a coupon builder!), or hire a designer through services like Fiverr to make you some. Lastly, make sure to market your new collection on all social media platforms, email, and any other marketing channels!

Sprout Social shared that in 2017, retailers received an average of 92% increase in social messages per day in November & December compared to the rest of the year. This shows just how important Black Friday and Cyber Monday are as a business owner so it’s best to optimize your time wisely and not burn out too fast. These last two months will be crazy but extremely profitable, if you can play your cards right. So get the preparations ready and try out some of these tips this holiday season!

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By: Selena Karatella