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The Best Resources For Competitive Customer Service

Exceptional customer service should be a target for every entrepreneur and business owner. The world we live in today revolves around technology and fast paced transactions. Delivering great customer service can create loyalty to your brand and expand your business in exceptional ways. But how can your brand stand out from others and create memorable, high-quality experiences for your customers?

  1. Omni- Channel Customer Support

    Firstly, is with the use of Omni-Channel customer support. While many customers now would like to ask a question over chat quickly and easily, some may still be more comfortable over the phone or through email. In fact, according to UKCSI research, the amount of customers using the phone to contact businesses increased between January 2020 and July 2021, along with other digital methods including website, email, and webchat. The best option for your business is to allow your customers multiple streams of communication to be able to reach you in the best way possible for them!

  1. Outsourcing your Services to help you find the Best Tech for your company

Now this all may sound great, but the real tip to getting a competitive edge is making sure all of your customers are being responded to in a timely manner and left with a quality experience. But with so many channels of communication this can become challenging for some business owners. According to Forbes there has been an extreme labour shortage in North America since the pandemic, making it difficult for businesses to run. So how can businesses maintain customer experience when qualified labour is in shortage? The answer for your company could be to outsource your customer service while utilizing their expertise in multi-channel technology for communication. Contact centers in North America are growing and as your business grows, so may the traffic. While it may be challenging to recruit and retain team members, it’s easier to enhance employee productivity with the right resources while letting professionals handle your customer support. Call centers can handle the volume and traffic of your company’s chat, SMS, email, phone, and even social media.

Outsourcing your customer service can ensure you are using the best technology for your customers while utilizing your existing technology to its full capabilities, allowing your customers to reach you at whatever time and method is best for them. Businesses don't need to be reminded how important customer experience is, but may not be aware that technology enhanced customer service with the right contact center may compensate for staff shortages while even boosting profits in the process.

  1. Tracking Customer Service Analytics

Technology has taken the customer journey to the next level with new ways to monitor analytics. At one time, the impact of your customer service was difficult to measure but now with new advancements in analytics, key performance metrics can be monitored such as first-time responses, call waiting times, and average time to resolution. This information can help your business grow in terms of understanding improvements needed to be made and how well it’s doing against your KPI’s.

In summary there are many ways you can use technological resources to gain better customer service for your company. Customer service has evolved massively in a few short years and we are now able offer more channels of communication to our customers, analyze our performance, and deliver a highly customized service. This ensures your customers are happy and continue to stay loyal to your brand.

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By: Selena Karatella