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CCG's Gorgias Partner

Who is Gorgias?

Founded in 2015 by Alec Plugaru and Romain Lapeyre in Paris, Gorgias is a multi-channel help desk that allows merchants to manage all their support from one convenient platform. It connects all business apps and channels to provide support agents a centralized view of their customers.

Why CCG Loves Gorgias

With over 10,000 plus brands under their wing Gorgias had hit over $1 Billion in revenue in 2021. Gorgias specializes in working with online brands on Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. Here are some features Gorgias offers that CCG just can’t get enough of!

Automating Your Work

Gorgias offers pre-made responses that your business can customize to your company’s tone, and identity. These are called macros, and Gorgias has excellent macros which can pull order information straight from Shopify, BigCommerce, or Magento. These allow you or your agents to have complete responses ready to go, so you have solutions to your customers’ everyday questions such as order status, refunds, customer’s history, and more! This way you can focus more on building relationships with your customers than looking for the answers.

Real-Time Statistics

Another very important feature Gorgias allows your business to utilize is performance monitoring in real-time! As a business owner, it’s important to be in the know of your ticket volume, agent activity and active channels. Having access to real-time statistics like these allow you to prepare for trends in volume, to make sure your agents are ready to assist your customers. Director of Operation for Darn Good Yarn, Amanda Shermerhom, and Gorgias user says, “performing generic customer service tasks outside of Gorgias takes around 17 seconds per ticket, while inside of Gorgias it takes only around 1.5 seconds per ticket. It’s about 335 customer service hours a year we’re saving!”. This gives you some insight on how Gorgias has helped many businesses improve their customer experience by helping businesses multitask, while creating a platform that allows you to help your customers in the easiest way possible. By tracking these types of statistics, you can really see the difference Gorgias will make on your first response time and how many customers you are able to help effectively in such a short amount of time without compromising the quality of your customer experience.

Call Center Guys has been in partnership with Gorgias since day one of our business in 2016. We absolutely love the ease of use and how it has helped so many of our clients organize their customers, while also allowing our agents to help customers more efficiently and effectively! If fast response time, customer satisfaction, and efficiency are essential to your business, look no further and get started with Gorgias today and click the link below!

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By: Selena Karatella