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CCG and Gorgias Take Call and Contact Center Expo Las Vegas!

We recently had the pleasure of exhibiting alongside Gorgias at the Call and Contact Center Expo in Las Vegas. As a provider of comprehensive call center solutions, we at Call Center Guys understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences, and were excited to showcase our capabilities alongside one of CCG's partner's since day 1.

Gorgias is a customer service helpdesk that helps businesses streamline and automate their support operations across multiple channels. It provides a unified interface for managing customer inquiries, with features like automated responses and saved replies. The helpdesk also offers data and insights to help businesses better understand their customers, and improve their overall customer experience.

We were thrilled to have Gorgias exhibit with us! Together, our partnership provides a unified customer service solution that helps businesses manage customer inquiries from a single, user-friendly interface. With our expertise in delivering superior customer experiences and Gorgias' proficiency in managing customer inquiries across channels like email, live chat, voice, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SMS, we believe we have created a winning combination for businesses looking to improve their customer service operations.

One of the key benefits of our partnership with Gorgias is the ability to offer businesses a seamless, end-to-end customer service experience. By leveraging our combined capabilities, businesses can gain greater insight into customer behavior and preferences, while also improving their ability to manage customer inquiries across multiple channels.

Overall, the Call and Contact Center Expo was a great opportunity for us to showcase our expertise and innovation in the industry, alongside a valued partner. We believe that our partnership with Gorgias will help us continue to deliver world-class call center solutions that help businesses improve their customer experiences and drive success!

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By: Selena Karatella